Martin Grubinger – Caribbean Showdown 2019 Olaf Malzahn / MünchenMusik

Martin Grubinger – Caribbean Showdown 2019

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

€ 46.30 to € 111.80

This is a past event.

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Music – World Music
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Martin Grubinger, multi-percussion
The Percussive Planet Ensemble

There is no mistaking him: The performances of multi-talent Martin Grubinger have little in common with conventional percussion performances. His tools of the trade are an eclectic mix of percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes. On stage, the Austrian from Salzburg is forever in search of a challenge: there is hardly a country whose percussion traditions Grubinger has not yet conquered, barely a genre that escapes his will to experiment. Beside his unquestionable skill, it is especially his open-minded approach that has led Grubinger to be regarded by many as the world’s best percussionist. Time and again he gathers friends from all over the world around himself to make the impossible possible with them on stage. The result: pure, electrifying passion and the intoxicating joy of performing. »Caribbean Showdown 2019« is the title of his programme for July – a rousing finale to the season of exotic soundscapes and South American rhythms, to which the artist has invited numerous musician friends on stage. Accompanied by big band and large ensemble, Grubinger relies on a perfect Latin feeling with salsa, rumba & co.

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