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Martin Tingvall – Solo Piano

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Music – Rock/Pop
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»The Rocket« is the name of the new album on which pianist Martin Tingvall enchants his listeners with his very own genre and takes them on a journey into new spheres. But intergalactic speed is not the issue here: Calm and gentle is how Tingvall's performances begin, and that is also how they continue. Although at first a seemingly absurd contradiction, when listening to the album it soon becomes clear that its title is well chosen: The rocket launches into distant galaxies in slow motion.

Tingvall's extensive experience in composing film music instantly conjures up images in the listener's mind. With names like »Floating« and »No Gravity«, the compositions are the epitome of weightlessness and lightness, without ever slipping into triviality. The title song »The Rocket« clearly demonstrates Tingvall's musical development since his last solo album. The conventional roles of the pianist's right and left hand become blurred, the left hand equally taking on the melody line and vice versa, the rocket slowly and impressively moving through these new soundscapes.

On this album, Martin Tingvall, who is actually considered a jazz pianist but who feels equally at home in other genres such as pop, rock and film music, plays simple sounding yet touchingly beautiful melodies with themes reminiscent of classical compositions. Nor does he hide his Swedish background: Traditional Scandinavian influences can be heard in almost every piece. On »The Rocket«, Tingvall allows himself the time and space to explore his minimalism even more than on his previous two solo albums. All alone, just Martin Tingvall and his piano.

(o-tone music Uwe Hager, Gießen)