Michael Wollny Piano Trio

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

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Music – Jazz
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According to FAZ, Michael Wollny is the »consummate piano virtuoso«, while Der Spiegel describes him as »one of the few German jazz musicians to appear in the pop music charts«. His band is »one of the world’s great jazz-driven piano trios« (The Guardian). The versatile and internationally award-winning artist behind superb albums like »Wunderkammer« and »Traumbilder« is a phenomenon, mainly because he shifts intangibly yet unambiguously between jazz and classic music, between Björk, Hindemith and Heinrich Heine, between improvisation and composition.

But Wollny is unarguably at his best when playing as part of his trio; a band format that is ideally suited to his visions when it comes to harmony and rhythm. The jazz star is now embarking on the JazzNightsTour – along with Eric Schaefer, the original drummer in his legendary trio [em], and American bass player Tim Lefebvre, who is known for playing with Donny McCaslin and David Bowie.
Concert performances by this exceptional musician and his two hand-picked colleagues are sure to be the absolute quintessence of his playing: as inspired as they are inspiring, startling and without limits – and, above all, divinely wonderful.

(Bell’Arte Konzertdirektion Dr. Schreyer GmbH, Munich)

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