Mnozil Brass »Phoenix« The organiser

Mnozil Brass »Phoenix«

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

€ 32,– bis € 67,90

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Music – Jazz
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Since they came into being 28 years ago, Mnozil Brass have taken frivolity and lack of seriousness very seriously. With their new programme »Phoenix«, they are fundamentally changing their approach: »From now on, we will shine a spotlight on the serious aspects of life with a total absence of seriousness«, they explain, aiming their brass squarely at all the little demons that always stand in our way in the quest for the true, the noble and the pure.
Why don’t we, when all is said and done, not want to be so saintly after all? Why do we prefer to hold on to our stuff rather than abstain, and why on earth is the night often so much more fun than the daytime?

With sugary sweetness and a pinch of imagined sagely wisdom, Mnozil Brass ventures on an in-depth exploration of these tricky questions.

(Künstler- und Konzertmanagement Preisinger, Ronsberg)

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