Moritz Eggert: »The Depth of Space: A Soccer Oratorio« for Large Orchestra, Four Soloists, Mixed Choir and Three Speakers Uraufführung bei der Ruhrtrienale 2007 (links) – Moritz Eggert (rechts) Ursula Kaufmann (links) - Katharina Dubno (rechts)

Moritz Eggert: »The Depth of Space: A Soccer Oratorio« for Large Orchestra, Four Soloists, Mixed Choir and Three Speakers

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Actor Wowo Habdank will take over the role of the trainer for Ralph Gunesch.

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Music – Contemporary Classical Music
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A composition commissioned by the 2006 FIFA cultural programme
Michael Klaus, libretto
Munich première

Ania Vegry, Virtue (soprano)
Ruth-Maria Nicolay, Vice (mezzo-soprano)
Simon Bode, Player (tenor)
Christian Miedl, Journalist (baritone)

Ulf Peter Schmitt, former international player
Daniel Herzog, Reporter
Wowo Habdank, Trainer

Choir and orchestra of the music academy of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation)
Christian Jeub, choir rehearsal
Director: Moritz Eggert

Soccer and classical music had not generally been associated with each other so far. With his »Soccer Oratorio«, Moritz Eggert, who lives in Munich, has succeeded in bringing the gap between the two. Commissioned by FIFA for its cultural programme, he composed the work in 2005 for the Ruhrtriennale music and arts festival. Titled »Die Tiefe des Raumes« (The Depth of Space) (based on a quotation by essayist Karl-Heinz Bohrer about former football player Günter Netzer), Eggert’s oratorio is a sizeable work. The composition unites the essences of both football and classical music: opulence, emotion and a heroic story. A symphony orchestra, four vocal soloists, a choir and three narrators report from the stadium for the duration of two game halves plus overtime. As is the tradition of the oratorio, the story tells of a player’s ordeal on his way to becoming a football hero.

In addition to renowned soloists and speakers, the line-up includes 150 scholarship recipients as well as alumni of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation) who, every year, work on large-scale choral and orchestral works at a music academy in the South Tyrolean Alps. Moritz Eggert, himself an alumnus of the Studienstiftung and one of the most frequently performed contemporary German composers, heralded a new development in music in the 21st century with this much-discussed work that combines the highest musical aspirations with instant comprehensibility. His oratorio is a large-scale (ironic) football festival that startlingly highlights the similarities between performance on stage and on the field. At last, the Soccer Oratorio will also be performed in Munich, the home of the composer and of football.

With the kind support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes e. V., Bonn)