MostraBrasil 2019 – 9. Brazilian Film Festival  Arábia The organiser

MostraBrasil 2019 – 9. Brazilian Film Festival

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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BRA 2018, 97 minutes, feature film, original soundtrack with German subtitles, directed by Affonso Uchôa and João Dumans
With Aristides de Sousa, Murilo Caliari, Renata Cabral and others

Young André lives near an aluminium factory in Ouro Preto. One day he finds the notebook of a worker who had begun to write about his life, originally for the factory’s theatre group. Only Cristiano couldn’t stop writing. With parallel stories, the film immerses itself in Cristiano’s life and tells of the social and economic developments in Brazil over the past ten years from the perspective of a worker.

In cooperation with MSB (Balaio e. V., Munich)