MostraBrasil 2019 – 9. Brazilian Film Festival
Campo Grande

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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BRA/F 2015, 108 minutes, feature film, original soundtrack with German subtitles, directed by Sandra Kogut
With Bianca Bin, Milhem Cortaz, Adriana Esteves and others

Two children stand in front of an apartment in Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), holding in their hand only a piece of paper with the address of the apartment’s owner Regina. The children’s arrival turns Regina’s life upside down. Who are they and how did they get here? The children are sure that their mother would pick them up soon, but will she ...? Gradually, the film reveals the children’s story, framed by the complex power games taking place between rich and poor, owners and employees in the middle-class apartment.

In cooperation with MSB (Balaio e. V., Munich)