Münchner FreiwilligenMesse 2022 Volunteer Fair  »Zueinander. Miteinander. Füreinander« (»standing together, there for each other«) The organiser

Münchner FreiwilligenMesse 2022 Volunteer Fair
»Zueinander. Miteinander. Füreinander« (»standing together, there for each other«)

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The 16th Münchner FreiwilligenMesse volunteer fair in 2022 will take place online at muenchner-freiwilligen-messe.de. Exhibitors from the fields of social services, environment, health, culture, migration, self-help and collective action will provide information about work and vacant positions in the voluntary sector.

Like the 15 volunteer fairs before it, the 16th edition is organised by FöBE, the independent, Munich-based funding agency for civic engagement. Co-organiser is the City of Munich under the patronage of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter. The Münchner FreiwilligenMesse volunteer fair has become a regular start-of-year event, eagerly awaited and attended by many.

Its motto »Zueinander. Miteinander. Füreinander« translates loosely as »standing together, doing together, for each other« and highlights the basic idea of volunteer work. The past year in particular has shown that a society can only exist if it internalises and lives these qualities. They ensure peaceful coexistence and make everyday life easier and more bearable for many. Elderly people, for example, appreciate help with their shopping, and schoolchildren may greatly benefit from support with learning outside school.

»Ask not what society can do for you, but how you can support society,« as Dr Gerlinde Wouters, Director of FöBE, rephrases John F. Kennedy’s well-known dictum. Having to suddenly give up familiar habits is also an opportunity to question them, explore new avenues and take responsibility. Volunteering is one way of taking charge, getting involved and making a difference. People regard the responses to climate, environmental or health issues as too little, too late. They want forward-looking action, are not short of ideas of what this could look like and are prepared to bring about the needed changes as volunteers. They plant flowers on traffic islands, collect rubbish along the Isar river and help recycle plastic. The recent floods clearly demonstrated people’s willingness to help those affected.

The times of Corona can be a time of change for the better, in which mutual aid and  being there for one another acquires new meaning. As man-made disasters increase in both frequency and severity, it will, in fact, become vital. As many as 65 initiatives, projects, organisations and networks will converge to provide personal advice, specific and detailed information about their many activities, and available avenues and positions for voluntary work.

In cooperation with the City of Munich
(Förderung von Bürgerschaftlichem Engagement, Munich)