Munich Anatolian Project – M.A.P.  »The next level« The organiser

Munich Anatolian Project – M.A.P.
»The next level«

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This is a past event.

This event will not take place. The organizer is seeking to find a new date.

Music – World Music
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This ensemble consists of six passionate musicians who live in Munich and have their roots in Anatolia and Munich. The music they create together mixes tradition and a cosmopolitan outlook with a strong emphasis on reviving and preserving contemporary elements. In their music, they try to bring together different styles to create their very own, unique sound. Anatolian at its core, these artists’ music is a melting pot of styles and cultures with, above all, a focus on making music together.
Süreyya Akay, vocals
Yasin Yardım, bağlama, tambura, kopuz
Ludwig Himpsl, percussion
Gökhan Özkan, guitar
Bora Yıldız, bass guitar
Ufuk Bakırdöğen, clarinet

(MAP (Munich Anatolien Project) Süreyya Akay, Munich)