Munich Philharmonic: »MPHIL 360°« Festival – Space Odyssey

Munich Philharmonic: »MPHIL 360°« Festival – Space Odyssey

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This is a past event.

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Not only since Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece »2001: A Space Odyssey« has classical music exerted a fascination on filmmakers and composers in their search for the right sound for the infinite expanse of our cosmos.

From György Ligeti’s chaotic, spherical orchestral work »Atmosphères« in »2001: A Space Odyssey« to John Williams’ classic Star Wars soundtrack and Arvo Pärt’s minimalistic, gently flowing duo »Spiegel im Spiegel« in »Gravity«, the soundtracks are as diverse as the films themselves.

With the »Space Odyssey« festival, the Munich Philharmonic immerses itself in this cosmos, and thereby illuminating the cosmos that is our planet Earth. With his »Creation«, Joseph Haydn rendered Earth’s creation in music. His masterpiece will be performed as part of the sustainability day »Kosmos Erde – Tag der Nachhaltigkeit«, which is all about the climate crisis.

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