Munich Spring Concerts: Vivi Vassileva Vivi Vassileva Adriana Yankulova

Munich Spring Concerts: Vivi Vassileva

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

€ 24, € 28; concessions € 16, € 20 (Volksbühne members)

This is a past event.

Diese Veranstaltung muss leider krankheitsbedingt entfallen. Es wird nach einem Ersatztermin gesucht – bereits gekaufte Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

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Music – Contemporary Classical Music
Music – Classical Music
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Held as part of the »Münchner Frühjahrskonzerte« (Munich spring concerts) series organised by the Volksbühne München
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The young »percussion princess« in a solo recital

Winner of a host of significant international competitions, Vivi Vassileva is one of the leading solo percussionists of our time. In her own words, »We are currently enjoying the century of the percussion player. Percussion instruments are the oldest instruments in the world and, at the moment, they are also bang on trend. We are the pioneers of these instruments«. Globalisation and the Internet mean that players have access to instruments from all over the world and the natural consequence is that they can now combine ones from different countries with each other. Until now, players have barely scratched the surface when it comes to ways to utilise percussion instruments.

Vivi plays up to four world premieres every year, ranging from small-scale chamber music and solo arrangements to major orchestral works. In June, she will appear with the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz in Ludwigshafen to perform the »Recycling Concerto«, composed for her by Gregor A. Mayrhofer.

(Volksbühne München e. V.)

  • Composer: Kevin VolasOpus: »Asanga«
  • Composer: Klaus Hinrich StahmerOpus: »Erinnerungen an einen Holzsammler«
  • Composer: Maki IshiiOpus: »Thirteen Drums«
  • Composer: Johann Sebastian BachOpus: »Chaconne«

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