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musicAeterna & Teodor Currentzis

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

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Unfortunately, this concert has been cancelled.

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Please note:

Unfortunately, Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna had to cancel their concert planned for Munich on 2 May 2022. The elaborate programme »The Sound of Light«, consisting of excerpts from baroque operas and ballets by Jean-Philippe Rameau, requires the participation of musicians from various countries and an extended rehearsal period. Due to the war in Ukraine and the resulting travel restrictions and major logistical limitations, the realisation of this project is not possible, to the regret of all participants.

The following applies to tickets purchased directly from the organiser MünchenMusik:
The amount of the ticket price already paid will be refunded. You will receive a refund to your account in the next few weeks, provided the bank details are available. The tickets will be declared invalid, there is no need to return them. This only applies to concert tickets purchased directly from MünchenMusik.

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»The Sound of Light«

Works by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Sara Blanch, soprano
Conducted by Teodor Currentzis

Jean-Philippe Rameau was without doubt one of the most revolutionary composers of the Baroque period: Like no other, he broke the long-established musical laws of his time and developed his own virtuoso tonal language. His unconventional approach and experimentation with and within music, which were considered his greatest strengths, were also his springboard for developing his modern, dramatic style. Equally bold and unconventional is conductor Teodor Currentzis’s approach.

»A magical, warm glow unfolds with unfathomable intensity« (Concerti)

A few years ago, the Greek-born conductor set out to make Rameau’s music resound in tune with the times, choosing his electrifying musicAeterna ensemble to do so. Under the title »The Sound of Light«, Sony Classical released a stirring album of Currentzis’ favourite pieces from the French composer’s operas and opera ballets. With dynamicism and precision, musical, percussive and passionate, the sound magician showcases the idiosyncrasies of Rameau’s instrumental and vocal music.

For further information about the ensemble, visit musicAeterna.

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