National Youth Orchestra | Christoph Altstaedt Selina Pfruener

National Youth Orchestra | Christoph Altstaedt

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

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Music – Contemporary Classical Music
Music – Classical Music
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Soloists: Adrian Perreyra (electric guitar) and student of BBZ Stegen
Conducted by Christoph Altstaedt

His deafness was a tragic circumstance for composer and musician Ludwig van Beethoven. In a letter to his brothers, the so-called »Heiligenstadt Testament« of 1802, Beethoven describes his desperation over his progressive deafness. In moving words, he explains how much he suffers from the social isolation that the disease brings with it. Beethoven withdraws from the world of the hearing.

Today, hearing loss and deafness no longer have to mean isolation or an inability to enjoy music. Hearing-impaired people can feel very subtle frequencies, intensities and rhythms, and they can also experience music visually. Based on Beethoven’s biographical reference, a concert programme was developed together with hearing-impaired people that makes music performable and tangible for both normal hearing people and the hearing-impaired. This project is carried out in partnership with BBZ Stegen, an education and counselling centre for the hearing-impaired, where pupils are also taught music throughout primary and secondary school. The composer Mark Barden, 2015 winner of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation’s Composers’ Prize, was commissioned to write a composition for the occasion.

A project of the German Music Council as part of the »Beethoven Crescendo« for the 2020 Beethoven jubilee; a cooperation of the National Youth Orchestra, the Dirigentenforum and the Förderprojekte Zeitgenössische Musik, made possible by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH BTHVN2020.

(Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH, Bonn)

  • Composer: Brett DeanOpus: Testament (2002/2008)
  • Composer: Mark BardenOpus: »the weight of ash« (Auftragskomposition des Deutschen Musikrates zu BTHVN 2020)
  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: Symphony No 3 in E-flat major, Op 55 (1802/03)

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