Naturally 7

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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»Ricky« Lee Ricardo Cort
Rod Eldridge
Kelvin »Kelz« Mitchell
Sean Simmonds
Dwight Stewart
Roger Thomas
Warren Thomas

Even those who had never heard of them before are now, since their world tour with superstar Michael Bublé, familiar with »Naturally 7«. Their musical partners range from Coldplay, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Queen, Phil Collins, Diana Ross and Sarah Connor on her hit »Music Is The Key« to Helene Fischer.

Using only their voices, a cappella band »Naturally 7« create the multifaceted sound of an entire band, complete with drums, bass, guitar, harmonica and even trombone. With playful perfection and impressive musical and interpersonal harmony, the band presents the audience with its most popular songs and interpretations of Queen, Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel and Sting.

(Bell’Arte Konzertdirektion Dr. Schreyer GmbH, Munich)