Oksana Mukha – Die Besten Songs der Ukraine (The Most Beautiful Songs of Ukraine) The organiser

Oksana Mukha – Die Besten Songs der Ukraine (The Most Beautiful Songs of Ukraine)

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

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Oksana Mukha is a young Ukrainian singer with a voice that brings her melodies to life. She is known in her home country as »the soul of Ukrainian song« and with good reason; her enchanting and enthralling voice will cast its spell on all her listeners in no time. Her versatile talent enables her to give multi-faceted interpretations of a diverse range of genres, from romantic songs and contemporary reworkings of folk songs to a cappella singing and scholarly classics.

She has won numerous competitions, including the television competition »Voice of the Country«. Mukha’s goal is as simple as it is substantial: to make sure that songs from Ukraine are heard everywhere and to allow people all over the world to find out more about Ukraine’s music and people. The programme for this concert will include the best, most successful and most beautiful songs.

About the soloist

Oksana Mukha was born in Lviv (Lemberg), a city in western Ukraine, where she graduated from the Lviv Conservatory. She is both a professional violinist and singer, having played in the »Leopolis« chamber orchestra and sung with the »Dudaryk« and »Trembita« professional choirs.

The singer describes winning the »Kvitka« competition in 2011 as a particular highlight. The competition saw young artistes emulate the wonderful, romantic songs of Kvitka Cisyk; the singer whose family emigrated from Ukraine to the USA, where she grew up, and who became world famous for performing Ukrainian songs. Mukha’s voice is often compared to – and is actually similar to – Cisyk’s and she has become so successful that she is described as »the second Kvitka« in her country. The concert at the Gasteig will feature Cisyk’s most beautiful songs.

Mukha has several extremely successful tours and performances under her belt. Her concert programmes in Ukraine include: »Kvitka: Two Colours«, »The Most Beautiful Songs of Ukraine« and »Christmas Unplugged« and she has also toured in the USA, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic and Denmark. In the USA, she has been active over the last few years on behalf of the non-profit organisation »Revived Soldiers Ukraine«, which works with injured soldiers from the Russian/Ukrainian combat zones.

Oksana Mukha has released two solo albums: »RE:SHETO« (2010) and »Carols and Shchedrivki« (2015). To mark the 100th anniversary of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine »Plast«, she compiled and recorded the album »At Vatry« in 2012. She is also a member of Plast.

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