On Tour Despite Corona  with the Ensemble Polysono The organiser

On Tour Despite Corona
with the Ensemble Polysono

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

€ 15; reduced € 10

Unfortunately, this event will not take place.

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Music – Contemporary Classical Music
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Despite corona, the »Ensemble Polysono« is starting its 15th annual tour. Its focus: the cultural resistance to the effects of the pandemic. Artistic ideas, rather than being defeated by dire circumstances, must work toward a cultural push-back. The ensemble’s tour is an expression of musical resistance in the face of difficult conditions – music as a positive counter force, as a utopia and as hope for a better time.

That is why Ensemble Polysonos’s tour programme presents the most diverse facets of musical expression, regardless of the obstacles: from absolutely vocal a cappella to purely instrumental duo; from stirring solo pieces to duos, trios, quartets and sextets; from gripping musical rhythms to compositional algorithms; from traditional instrumentations such as violin and piano duo or piano trio to the inclusion of everyday noises, playback sounds and field recording. Two concertini – one for flute and ensemble and one for clarinet and ensemble – attract attention with their alternating, joyful and inspiring interplay of solo and tutti (concertini contra corona, as it were). In the concluding sextet for soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, violin and cello, by contrast, the composer applies new compositional strategies to 10 of his own poems.

All of these works are expressions of an artistic statement advocating the positive forces of humanity, which together will face and overcome any crisis. The programme also features works by the well-known Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho and the equally well-known German composer Enno Poppe.

Ensemble Polysono
The »Ensemble Polysono« from Basel specialises in the performance of challenging contemporary music. It tours throughout Switzerland and to several major cities in Europe every year (including Basel, Bern, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and London). The ensemble’s programmes include both world premieres and revivals of first-rate, relevant works. They focus on innovative ideas and concepts that draw their suspense from the dialectical confrontation between different aesthetic viewpoints.

(René Wohlhauser, Basel, Switzerland)

  • Composer: Kaija SaariahoOpus: »Changing Light« for soprano and flute (2005)
  • Composer: Enno PoppeOpus: »Zwölf« for solo cello (2014)
  • Composer: René WohlhauserOpuses: »Mera gor nit« for soprano and baritone (2013), based on a poem by the composer, Piano Trio No 2 for violin, cello and piano (2020), world premiere, »Marapró« for violin and piano (2017/18), »ReBruAla« for soprano, baritone, struck piano and playback sounds (six-part chorus, piano), noise soundtrack and field recording (2017), based on a poem by the composer, Concertino No 1 for flute and ensemble (2020), world premiere, Concertino No 2 for clarinet and ensemble (2020), world premiere, Duo for flute and cello No 2 (2020), world premiere, »Die fragmentierte Wahrnehmung« for soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2020), on 10 poems by the composer, world premiere

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