Peter Kraus – The Big Anniversary Tour Ren van der Voorden

Peter Kraus – The Big Anniversary Tour

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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»Schön war die Zeit!« – »it was  a good time«, as the title of Peter Kraus’ 2018 album proclaims. And it was a wild time! In post-war Germany, the 1950s and 60s were the time of awakening and unfettered joie de vivre. Throughout Europe, rock ’n’ roll heralded a new attitude to life. There are not many who have embodied this attitude in their music from those early days all the way to the present as persistently as Peter Kraus. Reason enough for the »eternally young« talent to present the pearls of his musical oeuvre and take a look back on the time that has shaped his artistic direction on selected stages as part of a major anniversary tour. In addition to his own hits, he will perform his personal favourites from other famous artists like Fats Domino, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones, timeless hits like »Rock Around The Clock« and »Roll over Beethoven« as well as new titles of his own, such as »Enjoy yourself« and »Wie schön wär diese Welt«.

On his 2019 anniversary tour, Kraus will be accompanied by hand-picked musicians and singers, who steer his music away from electronics and brash, raucous technology towards soulful, natural sounds. This is also reflected in the choice of instruments, which include Hammond organ and harmonica and a total absence of synthesizers or blaring brass sections. It all sounds just like you remember from the 1960s: look forward to Peter Kraus and his musicians taking you back on a nostalgic trip to this special time. Indulgence and enjoyment, not only musically, but also with stories and anecdotes, memories and images, is expressly desired.

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