Piano Concert – Maziyar Parsa The organiser

Piano Concert – Maziyar Parsa

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

€ 25; reduced € 20

This is a past event.

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

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Born in 1975 in Tehran, Maziyar Parsa grew up in a family of music enthusiasts. He studied piano as a child and was supported by his relatives, especially those from the west. After learning the basics of Persian traditional music, Parsa switched to studying European music with its many facets.

He left Iran in 2003 for Germany in order to dedicate himself entirely to music, busying himself with various musical genres, playing classical, romantic, pop and film music. In 2016, he began to compose his own piano pieces, in which all those diverse influences can be discerned. In April of 2018, Parsa recorded his first album, »WIND«, which came out in July of that year. His second album, »WOMAN« will be released at the end of 2019.

New piano pieces from this second album will also be on the programme at Maziyar Parsa’s concert in Munich. Inviting the audience to immerse itself in his new world of piano music, he presents a modern mix of pieces featuring various styles: an unconventional evening of piano, where pop and film music meet.

(Maziyar Parsa, Meerbusch)