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Pippo Pollina & Palermo Acoustic Quintet
Canzoni Segrete Tour

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

€ 49.70 to € 84.20

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New date for the concert originally scheduled for 20 January 2021

With over 4000 concerts throughout Europe under his belt, he is one of Italy’s most popular singer-songwriters. Pollina captivates with his unbridled creativity that has unfailingly held surprises for even his most loyal fans for more than 35 years. Whether in lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs or rock: Pollina’s language remains ever sensitive and delicate. Besides performing with his own band, he has worked with countless international artists, such as Georges Moustaki, Franco Battiato, Inti Illimani, Konstantin Wecker, Rebekka Bakken, Charlie Mariano, and the duo Werner Schmidbauer & Martin Kälberer.

Pollina’s new album »Canzoni segrete« speaks of the power of music and the consequences of prosperity, about the strange pandemic and changing passions, about dreams, hopes and disappointments. While some of the songs originate in the past decades – such as the 1994 composition »Leo«, an adaptation of a French original by George Moustaki – most were conceived in the months between January 2019 and June 2020. They were recorded in studios in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland and together make up a wide-ranging project that showcase Pippo Pollina’s skill as a composer and poet as much as a thinker, musician and arranger.

Pippo Pollina exults and argues, gossips and reflects in a voice that is both raw and sonorous, sometimes a touch laconic, but never without reverence for the beauty of sound and the power of art. Because music is a gift. This is the basis – despite all doubts – for a sophisticated, mature and coherent album that Pippo Pollina will present on stage from early 2022 until the grand finale in August 2023 in the Arena in Verona.

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