Reinhold Messner: »Nanga Parbat – My Mountain of Fate« Roberto Carnevali

Reinhold Messner: »Nanga Parbat – My Mountain of Fate«

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On hardly another mountain do fame and tragedy lie so close together as the 8125-metre-high Nanga Parbat. Reinhold Messner unites the two like no other. Accompanied by never-before-seen pictures and films, Messner’s live lecture covers all the mountaineers who have written history at the Nanga Parbat right to his own moving and riveting story.

He talks about Albert Mummery, the best mountaineer of his time, who disappeared in 1895 while crossing from the Diamir to the Rakhiot side; of the unforgettable Willo Welzenbach, known as the »Ice Pope«, who died in a snow storm together with eight other men in 1934; and of Hermann Buhl, who in 1953, against the orders of the expedition leader, set out for the summit alone and was the first to reach it – a milestone in the history of mountaineering! A further milestone was reached a good 50 years later, when Steve House did an ascent of the Rupal Face with just one climbing partner.

Finally, he tells of his own fateful 1970 expedition, which has impacted his life to this day. After a successful ascent of the world’s highest mountain face, the Rupal Face, by the Messner brothers, tragedy struck on the descent: Having fallen ill with altitude sickness and unable to return to the bivouac, Günther would be certain to fall to his death. Despite the acute avalanche risk, the absence of a known path and growing despair, Reinhold leads him through the 4000-meter-high Diamir Flank, to the foot of the face, where an avalanche buries Günther as Reinhold ploughs ahead in search for a way out of the danger zone. Unable to find his brother, he drags himself downhill for days, hands and feet frozen,  without food and no people for miles around. Close to death, he encounters three woodcutters who carry him down to the valley, where he meets his expedition team on their way home.

Eight years later, he returned to the Diamir Face and achieved his tour de force – the first solo ascent of an 8000-metre peak. And not without peril: After an earthquake shook the mountain, a sudden deterioration of the weather held the soloist in the death zone for 48 hours. Having gone through hell, he finally touched the heavens on his personal mountain of fate.

About the speaker
Reinhold Messner was born in 1944 in South Tyrol, Italy. He started mountaineering at the age of five and since 1969 has undertaken more than a hundred journeys to the world’s mountain ranges and deserts. He achieved many first ascents, has climbed all 14 eight-thousanders and undertook a longitudinal crossing of Greenland. In contrast to showy modern adventurers, Reinhold Messner never tried to set records; his  interest lies only in venturing into remote landscapes largely untouched by humans and travelling with a minimum of equipment. He has lectured all over Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and South America, has made documentaries and published articles in magazines such as »Stern«, »Spiegel«, »GEO«, »Epoca«, »Espresso« and »National Geographic«. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

(REISEFIBEL Reisebüro & Buchhandlung, Leipzig)

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