Richard Wagner »Der Ring ohne Worte« (»The Ring Without Words«)   Bamberg Symphony – Jakub Hrůša, Jens Harzer The organiser

Richard Wagner »Der Ring ohne Worte« (»The Ring Without Words«)
Bamberg Symphony – Jakub Hrůša, Jens Harzer

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

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Richard Wagner: »Der Ring ohne Worte« (»The Ring Without Words«), compiled for orchestra by Lorin Maazel

Few other composers have split public opinion more than Richard Wagner: genius and charlatan, charmer and rogue, creator of myths and musical conjuror. Legendary conductor Lorin Maazel condensed Wagner’s epic Ring cycle into just 70 electrifying minutes. »The Ring Without Words« is a mighty chronological synthesis of all four sections of the »The Ring of the Nibelung« with the »Ride of the Valkyries«, »Siegfried’s Rhine Journey« or »Wotan’s Farewell«, the closing cycles of the Twilight of the Gods. Maazel’s »The Ring Without Words« may be an orchestral version but there is no loss of musical substance, as Wagner very often duplicated and underpinned the singing voices with instruments from the orchestra. Where this is not the case, Maazel assigned additional instruments to characters and uses them to indicate the vocal parts. The flute represents Sieglinde, for example, the trombone Siegmund and the bass clarinet Fafner.

The Bamberg Symphony

The Bamberg Symphony has exceptional status among German symphony orchestras; not only because it is one of the best, but also because of its unique history and German/Bohemian traditions. Jakub Hrůša is unsurpassable as the latest chief conductor of the Bamberg Symphony: »exceptional musical maturity, thrilling oscillations in the most brilliant colours and not least with superior insightfulness and sound quality« according to unanimous reviews.

New date for the concert originally scheduled for 7 May 2021. Tickets remain valid.

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