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Rolando Villazón & L’Arpeggiata – Claudio Monteverdi's L’Orfeo

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

€ 79.40 to € 189.80

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Music – Opera/Operetta
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With Claudio Monteverdi’s »L’Orfeo«, Rolando Villazón – one of the world’s most successful and charismatic tenors – brings one of the most important operas in a concert performance to stages in Germany and Austria. In five concerts in Vienna, Berlin, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Munich, classical music fans can look forward to very special evenings at which Rolando Villazón in the title role, together with the Ensemble L’Arpeggiata conducted by Christina Pluhar, will perform the first groundbreaking work of the opera genre.

The star tenor is the perfect fit for the role of Orfeo, counting among his greatest strengths the credible embodiment of characters with explosive emotional power as well as an ability to tangibly convey to his audience emotions ranging from anger and sadness to yearning. In addition to Rolando Villazón, eleven further singers and a 23-piece orchestra will bring the story of hero Orpheus – one of the most fascinating and best-known myths of antiquity – to life.

The star of the evening Rolando Villazón is an all-round genius: Beside his worldwide appearances as one of the most gifted opera tenors of our time, the vivacious crowd pleaser devotes himself to countless other passions, such as directing, narrating, writing books and drawing. But despite his many talents, he has always remained true to the music: Since his triumphant debut at the Salzburg Festival in 2005, he has, alongside Anna Netrebko, been reaping standing ovations in the world’s most prestigious opera houses.

(DEAG Classics AG, Berlin)