Schneewittchen (Snow White) – The Musical Theater Liberi

Schneewittchen (Snow White) – The Musical

| Carl Orff Hall | Gasteig

€ 22 to € 29; reduced € 20 to € 27 (children up to 14 years)

This is a past event.

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Children & Youth – Kids & Teens
Theatre & Dance – Dance
Music – Musical
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New date for the event originally scheduled for 20 February 2021, 11 AM

From 4 years
Duration: 2 hours including interval
In German language

Fantastic adventures, poisoned fruit and a mysterious potion: in its latest musical production, Theater Liberi takes both young and old on an exciting journey with the fairytale of »Snow White«. Up-tempo original compositions as well as plenty of energy and humour make for an unforgettable live experience for the whole family!

Theatre company Theater Liberi, known for its contemporary family shows, dusts off the familiar old Grimm story in a novel staging: The rousing songs cover a range of genres from soul and pop to swing and even punk, performed by the powerful voices of outstanding musical performers. Fast-paced choreographies underline the catchy musical hits. Imaginative costumes and a lavish stage set take the audience straight into the magical world of this exciting and humorous fairytale.

For centuries, every child has been familiar with the famous question: »Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?« When, one day, the answer is suddenly »Snow White«, the evil queen forges a plan to get rid of the girl. But the brave heroine manages to escape, fleeing deep into the forest. There, she happens upon the seven dwarves who live there, hidden and isolated from humanity and guarding an ancient secret. Only the daring prince seems to have been initiated by the dwarves. Snow White wants to get to the bottom of it all and before she knows it, she is entangled in an adventure about a stolen magic potion …

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(Theater Liberi, Bochum)