Sebastian Voltz: CD Presentation »Voyages« The organiser

Sebastian Voltz: CD Presentation »Voyages«

| Hall X | Gasteig HP8

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Music – Rock/Pop
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 Somewhere between classical music and European modern jazz, deeply connected to 20th century piano music but also highly intuitive and free – that is the music of Sebastian Voltz.

Intimate moments, impressionistic sound spheres and fragile passages full of tension alternate with rhythmic eruptions and radiant outbursts, always characterised by exquisite elegance.

Trained as a classical pianist, Sebastian Voltz turns to improvised music and combines in his music all the influences that he himself finds fascinating. Always with reference to the classical pianist’s sound ideal and forever in search of the unusual, that unmistakable special sound, he creates soundscapes of great beauty.

Voyages describes the pianist’s personal journey in both the outer and inner world and invites listeners to join him on this journey, to develop their own associations with the music, to experience moments of joy and to dream.

An intimate autobiographical album, Voyages is a collection of personal thoughts and experiences, each piece lovingly selected and recorded with passion. And each piece, in the space of just a few minutes, tells its very own fascinating story.

In recording the album, Sebastian Voltz achieved his outstanding sound together with Gérard de Haro & Nicolas Baillard in the renowned La Buissonne studio in the south of France.

He had already felt right at home with studio’s Steinway D concert grand piano there the year before, when recording for the album »Der Baum vor meinem Fenster« with the Susan Weinert Rainbow Trio. His familiarity with the grand is evident in every note of his current album Voyages, whose running time of nearly an hour contains never a dull moment.

(B & B Musikmanagement, München)