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Nástio Mosquito BATOTASTAS – Performance

| Black Box

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Performance in English

Nástio Mosquito BATOTASTAS (Luanda I Gent I Lissabon)

»Batota = to cheat
Batata = potato
Estás (tá-tá) = The verb »To be«, »You Are« more specifically. The »tá-tá« expression translates informally to, «... yeah yeah, I’m sure you will ...« as in the disbelief of one’s declared position, decision, or declaration.

Fake it until I make it? Maybe if I knew when I was going to die... I’m committed to make it until we make it. This performatic gesture intends to be a shared moment of inevitable emotional awakening. That kind of awakening that exposes, expands, and totally dismantles the story you tell yourself about yourself... Is the self me, »the character« me? ... Only the process will tell. BATOTASTAS is not a perspective of my perception of the world we live in, the current social situation or how as a community we may or may not bust a move... This is my gift to myself in favor of not alone. Inner and external motion and the people we do it with. My name is Nástio Mosquito and I’m inviting you to find yourself in, on, and through my ego’s collective dysfunction; because THEY THE THEM ARE WE. Video. Audio. Storytelling.«

Please note: The 3G Plus rule applies to all SPIELART Theatre Festival events. You can find more information here.

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