SPIELART Theaterfestival  Forced Entertainment (Sheffield) – Speak Bitterness Hugo Glendinning

SPIELART Theaterfestival
Forced Entertainment (Sheffield) – Speak Bitterness

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

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Confessions of guilt take place in the most varied social contexts: on talk shows, in churches, in court, and face to face. »Speak Bitterness« was first presented at SPIELART in 1997 – at a time when the political and media landscape in which such confessions took place was entirely different. The play is a never-ending series of different confessions. Many of them are minor, telling of everyday misdemeanours, such as not having taken the dog for a walk, or having secretly read other people’s diaries. Others, however, are accounts of gargantuan acts of deceitfulness and serious crimes, as severe as mass murder and genocide. As the performers confess these deeds in soft voices, they consciously surrender themselves to the gaze of the audience, leaving it up to them to judge guilt, innocence and everything that lies between.

»Forced Entertainment« have been associated with SPIELART since 1997 and over the past few years have presented nine theatrical works at the festival.

(Spielmotor München e. V.)