SPIELART Theatre Festival  Cia Suave, Alice Ripoll CRIA – Dance Performance  Renato Mangolin

SPIELART Theatre Festival
Cia Suave, Alice Ripoll CRIA – Dance Performance

| Carl Orff Hall | Gasteig

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Cia Suave I Alice Ripoll CRIA (Rio de Janeiro)
Dance performance

In Portuguese the word »Cria« (breed) has two literal meanings: young being (animal or human) and also the verb to create. In Brazil, it is often used to express in which slum someone was born: »I am cria from Complexo«. In their first dance production under the artistic direction of Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll, the group Cia Suave explored passinho dance, a new style of urban dance that derived from Rio de Janeiro’s funk and has become a source of hope in the favelas. Passinho uses steps from samba, capoeira, hip-hop and breakdance. In their second performance, CRIA, which interweaves funk with contemporary dance, the group draws inspiration from a variation of the passinho dance: the dancinha (little dance), a dance where flow and play prevail. CRIA is about creating a community, about family and parenthood, friendship and sexuality. The ten dancers on stage translate their experiences and memories as young Brazilians into images and present their skills and stories in energetic movements.

Alice Ripoll
Alice Ripoll was born in Rio de Janeiro. While studying to be a psychoanalyst at age 21, she became increasingly fascinated with possibilities of body and movement research, which prompted her to study dance. After graduating at Angel Vianna’s school – an important centre for dance and motor rehabilitation – Alice started to work as a choreographer. Besides her work with dancers, she also worked with actors and circus artists. She currently directs the two groups REC and Cia Suave. Her work encompasses both contemporary dance and urban dance styles from Brazil. Her productions have been performed at various festivals in Brazil and abroad.

Cia Suave
Directed by Alice Ripoll, the dance company Cia Suave, is made up of professional dancers of the urban dance style who have no formal dance training. Their productions deal with Rio’s funk and life in the favelas as young Brazilians. The group began with the creation of the production SUAVE, which premiered at the Panorama Festival in 2014. SUAVE deals with the passinho (short step), a new style of urban dance derived from Rio de Janeiro’s funk. CRIA, the group’s second work, premiered in 2017. The projects have been invited to numerous festivals and theatres around the world including HAU – Hebbel Am Ufer, Tanzhaus NRW, Mousonturm, HELLERAU, CND – Centre National de la Danse and the Festival de la Cité in Lausanne.

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