TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA »YESTER:NOW«  Moritz Ostruschnjak Franziska Strauss

Moritz Ostruschnjak

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Theatre & Dance – Performance
Theatre & Dance – Dance

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»YESTER:NOW« by Munich choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak brings together Nazis and hippies, the peace and Bluetooth symbols, protest and state authority, religion, pop culture and politics, punk and musicals for »15 minutes of fame«.

With slogans from process culture, pop, nonsense, politics and high-tech, the present becomes a catchword, while revolts become topics for slogans. The six dancers form a swarm, a cluster of sampled movements from which individual bodies break out time and again. The attempt to cope with the vast complexity of world affairs produces a mixture of simplification and showbiz attitude: subtlety is a thing of the past – it’s showtime, baby!

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Supported by the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz, or BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences and the Arts, district government of Upper Bavaria
(Joint Adventures  – Walter Heun, Munich)