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The »Bäume Staunen« Magic Show

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Fighting climate change with magic – that is what six contestants of Magica, the German magic championship want to do. Before they face a tough jury in May 2020, they will meet in Munich’s Gasteig for a unique charity event benefiting Plant-for-the-Planet. Founded by Felix Finkbeiner in 2007, this organisation has set itself the goal of planting as many trees as possible. Global afforestation is intended to help absorb CO2 and thus combat the climate crisis.

To support this idea, magicians under the patronage of Dr. Eckhart von Hirschhausen have launched the initiative »Bäume Staunen«: Through magical means, they encourage their audience to donate trees.

In the »Bäume Staunen« show, the audience experiences a colourful cross-section from various kinds of magic: The manipulator Frederic Schwedler shows us the high art of dexterity, the mental magician Max Schneider reads thoughts, comedy magician Klaus Köfferle demonstrates magical finds, the duo »Die Tablehopper« interprets magic classics in an original way, the up-and-coming talent Stefan Siebert shows what you can do with the good old magic cube and drone magician Cody Stone presents a mixture of high-tech and illusion. The evening is led by the incredible Ruby Tuesday and the reality seller Markus Laymann.

In cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet
(Kreuz Sieben UG, Munich)

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