The Munich Vigil – »Türmer München« Gasteig München GmbH/Frank Jäger

The Munich Vigil – »Türmer München«

Shelter on the Gasteig roof

Free admission (advance booking required)

Theatre & Dance – Performance
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Seeing. Experiencing. Being there.
Looking out over Munich from the Gasteig – high above your city, yet part of it.
This is what »Türmer München« – »The Munich Vigil« is all about.
Come and take part!

The festive Opening Ceremony is free to watch in this stream.

There are no more dates for »Türmer München« from 1 May to 31 August 2021 available. Registration for dates from 1 September to 12 December 2021 starts 1 July 2021.

»The Munich Vigil« is a participatory performance by choreographer Joanne Leighton (WLDN), which will take place on the roof of the Gasteig from 12.12.2020 to 12.12.2021 – twice a day every day, for 365 consecutive days. Like the »Türmer«* – the watchmen of the Middle Ages – the 730 participants will keep watch over the city for one hour at a time, high above the Philharmonic Hall.

Architecture design © Benjamin Tovo

How does it work? Come to our Shelter on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall, look over your city for an hour at sunrise or sunset and be part of the year-long performance. After your Vigil, you leave your Traces – your memory of your Vigil – in the form of a photograph of yourself and an entry about your impressions, thoughts and feelings in our journal, the Blog on the »The Munich Vigil« website. An Opening Ceremony will be held to celebrate the beginning of the project and a Closing Ceremony with all participants at the end of the project as well as Sharing Events every three months provide an opportunity to share your experiences and meet the artist and creator of this performance, Joanne Leighton.

* In this project, of course, »Türmer« includes all genders.

For further information on the performance and on taking part please visit the website of »The Munich Vigil«. For more backround information on the performance also read our interview with Joanne Leighton.


In cooperation with Joanne Leighton/WLDN and the Gasteig München GmbH
With the friendly support of Bernd Wendeln and sponsored by the Beisheim Stiftung
(Gasteig Kulturstiftung, Munich)