Theater Ananas Presents  Knusper Knäuschen  Sebastian Korp

Theater Ananas Presents
Knusper Knäuschen

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Based on the fairytale Hänsel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm
Duration: about 55 minutes
In German language

Idea, concept and performance by Julia Giesbert and Eszter Tompa
Music by Marja Burchard
Artistic collaboration: Philipp Jescheck
Stage: Annika Lischke and Yvonne Kalles

An old wardrobe. Two forgotten toys. An entire world. What makes you brave? What makes you scared? Better to be all together? Or each for themselves? Knusper Knäuschen is a playfully imaginative adventure journey through the famous Grimm fairy tale. It is all about darkness and light, about the power of seduction and the possibility of expanding one’s own limits.

Theater Ananas are puppeteer Julia Giesbert, actress Eszter Tompa and musician Marja Burchard. Like the pineapple, which gives the ensemble its name, its productions are different on the inside than they seem on the outside; fresh, surprising, generous, sweet and sour, juicy, and nourishing. Combining puppet theatre with music, the productions for people aged 4 and over treat big issues with playful ease. Knusper Knäuschen is based on the Grimm fairy tale Hänsel and Gretel. Are we stronger together than we are on our own?

(Theater Ananas, Munich)