Theatre Festival grenzgänger – Grand Opening Un-Label Anna Spindelndreier

Theatre Festival grenzgänger – Grand Opening

| Carl Orff Hall | Gasteig

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10th anniversary of the grenzgänger theatre festival

The grenzgänger festival will take place over ten days in the summer of 2022. What began in 2009 as a small series of events at the TamS Theatre at the initiative of festival director Anette Spola has since developed into a major theatre festival that is known far beyond the confines of Munich.

Every two years, grenzgänger invites national and international mixed-abled theatre and performance artists and ensembles to Munich to perform their latest productions to audiences as diverse as the artists on the festival stage.
Accompanying the performances will be a supporting programme of visual arts, film, music and literature.

Direction: Anette Spola & Lorenz Seib

Find out more about the grenzgänger theatre festival here.

Festival opening

7 to 7:35 PM
Un-Label (Cologne, D): »Gravity (and other attractions)«
A contemporary dance theatre performance in English, with international sign language

Tiki and Lolo, one deaf the other hearing, meet in an underground train. Together, they travel through their imagination as they experience various forms of attraction. Amid a minimalist stage set, they tell the fast-paced story of their encounter. They attract and repel, lose sight of each other and yet meet time and again.

The interdisciplinary performing arts company Un-Label specialises in artistic innovation and diversity. This performance was developed by an international team of artists and experts both with and without disabilities. An English-language audio description, artistically integrated into the performance, forms the creative foundation for » Gravity (and other attractions)«: It is the inspiration for the performance as well as its verbal translation and spoken text. For those who can’t access or fully perceive one or more of the artistic elements in this performance, the other elements create perceptual bridges. They all tell the same story, each in their own way.

Costas Lamproulis, concept, dramaturgy & direction
Max Greyson, script
Sarah »Sarena« Bockers & Dodzi Dougban, choreography, dance & performance
Filipos Zoukas, music and sound composition
Tim Stadie, visuals
Sarah Haas, costume and set design
Christian Herbert, lighting design
Lisette Reuter, creative producer

Find all about Un-Label here.

7:45 to 8:15 PM
Diana Niepce (Lisbon, P): »Dueto«

»Dueto« is a play about the paradox of creating something new from the confrontation of differences:

»True intimacy only unfolds when we are willing to leave behind the idea of the utopian perfect body. Here, the body shows itself in its rawness, which comes from nothing and turns into everything. We will never be more than what we are when we’re naked.« (Diana Niepce)

Diana Niepce graduated from the School of Dance (ESD) and took an Erasmus at the Helsinki Theatre Academy (TeaK). As a contemporary dancer and performer, she collaborated with Rosas, Felix Ruckert, Willi Dorner, La fura dels baus, Jérome Bel, Diana de Sousa and Justyna Wielgus, among others. She published an article in the book »Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Lisbon« (ed. Egeac / INCM) as well as short stories, articles and poems in various magazines.

Diana Niepce, choreography
Diana Niepce & Hugo Cabral Mendez, performance
Carlos Ramos, lighting design
Jonny Kadaver, sound
Silvana Ivaldi, costume

Find out more about Diana Niepce here.

Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belem
With the kind support of Lisbon City Hall/Marvila Library, ORG.I.A

(TamS Theater e. V. Munich)

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