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»If that’s how it seems to me, that’s how it is« – »Così è, se mi pare«

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Così è, se mi pare.
L’ultima notte alla scuola dei Buffoni

If that’s how it seems to me, that’s how it is.
The last night in the school for buffoons

Based on »L’école des bouffons« by Michel de Ghelderode.

The last night before the final exam: With a series of gags, farces, parodies, mocking caricatures and comic-tragic epilogues, the aspiring fools compete without regard to losses in order to fulfil the last wish of their dreaded maestro: to stage the »poison of our time«.

This production takes us on a journey of discovery full of stumbling blocks: merciless snares of prejudice with their automatisms and unconscious shortcuts that often present themselves while we are busy trying to understand reality. With its new production, the Primàopoi theatre company reflects on why a common understanding and integration between different cultures are so difficult to achieve in our fast-paced, superficial times. Because all too often, loneliness and selfishness lead us to the natural conviction that things are what they seem.

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Barbara Calabrese, Primàopoi theatre company, Munich)