Theatre in Italian Language – »Il Nome« The organiser

Theatre in Italian Language – »Il Nome«

| Black Box

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»Le Prénom« by M. Delaporte & A. de La Patellière
Italian translation by Valentina Fazio

After a successful premiere in 2015, the amateur theatre group »ProgettoQuindici« is restaging the acclaimed comedy »Il Nome« at the Black Box.

The four friends have known each other since childhood: the university professor Giampiero, intellectual and preoccupied with himself; his wife Babù, who takes care of everything behind the scenes; the musician Claudio, who, though successful, tends to keep to himself; and Babù’s brother Riccardo, a charismatic and humorous narcissist. They meet for a dinner in Rome, together with Riccardo’s pregnant wife, fashion expert and businesswoman Anne. The announcement of the as yet unborn child’s name is a sudden cause of great tumult.

A modern comedy with a few surprises about different political and social world views and about friendship and love.

German performance rights with Theater-Verlag Desch GmbH, Berlin

(ProgettoQuindici e. V., Munich)