Theatre in Italian Language –»L’Ebreo«

| Black Box

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Rome, 1956; a middle-class apartment in the ghetto – thus begins Gianni Clementi’s play. Ten years have passed since the end of the war, but the smell of conflict and the deep cracks in the fabric of society are still very much evident. Immacolata and Marcello are wealthy and make no secret of the fact. They have apartments and businesses in a city that is in the midst of reconstruction. They have been friends with Tito forever, even if Immacolata tends to ignore their humble childhood before the war, before the money. Their wealth did, in fact, come in the time of fascism, and this leaves a dark trail that continues to haunt their souls.

Following their great successes with »Il Nome«, »Chi ha paura di Virginia Woolf?«, »Il rilegatore Wanninger« and »Napoli per due«, Italian theatre group ProgettoQuindici returns to the Black Box with Gianni Clementi’s dark comedy »L’Ebreo«. Expect witty dialogues, emotions, surprises and revelations.

(ProgettoQuindici e. V., Munich)


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