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Thomas Krüger – Piano Medleys in Concert

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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New date for the event originally scheduled for 7 March 2021

Every once in a while, you find them: solo instrumentalists who can move people all on their own. Thomas Krüger from Berlin is one of those. All by himself at the piano, he captivates and inspires audiences with his performances.

It was a study trip to Paris that marked the turning point in his career: Two years ago, at Paris Orly airport, he saw a public piano in the waiting area and sat down to play – an impromptu medley of well-known pop songs. His mother filmed the spontaneous performance on her mobile and Thomas Krüger uploaded the video to YouTube under the stage name »Mr. Pianoman«. Virtually overnight, the video went viral and has to date been viewed over 35 million people. From there on, Thomas Krüger thrilled the music world with many more sensational piano videos and by now has over 500,000 YouTube followers from all over the world.

For 2020, Thomas Krüger has put his own music at the top of his agenda. After his first original compositions on Spotify and co. caused a sensation, he embarked on his first solo tour, titled »Piano Medleys in Concert«. In his full-length piano concerts, »Mr. Pianoman« skilfully mixes exciting and surprising medleys from pop songs and other classics with his own compositions and specially selected cover tracks. Occasionally, he even takes requests from the audience at these very special piano concerts by and with Mr. Pianoman Thomas Krüger.

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