Trio ZIZAL in Concert The organiser

Trio ZIZAL in Concert

| Hall X | Gasteig HP8

€ 33.30; reduced € 16.50

This is a past event.

This concert is rescheduled to 17.9.2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

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Music – World Music
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ZIZAL combines elements of klezmer, jazz and classical music into their very own unique style to the stage that lives from the three musicians’ enthusiasm and creative spirit.

On violin, clarinet and piano, they create a musical language that is very much their own and can best be described as world chamber music. Sometimes energetic and virtuosic, sometimes calm and melancholy, they bring the whole range of emotions to life.

Music connects, music knows no borders, music builds bridges between people, regardless of language, origin and culture. Music is a language that everyone understands and that can change the world. Music is communication, creating magical moments, between the musicians and the audience but also among the musicians in their interaction on stage.

ZIZAL seeks out those special moments when compositions come to life in the here and now, spontaneously change, surprise with improvisations and become a unique, shared experience.

(B & B Musikmanagement, München)