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Voice of the Violin

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

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Opening concert of the Ukrainian Weeks in Bavaria

Natalija Raithel, Munich
George Hlawiczka, London
Ivan Dukhnych, Lviv

A musical journey through Germany, France, England and the Ukraine: at the crossroads between Western and Eastern Europe, the virtuoso programme, performed by three violinists from as many countries unfolds. The universal language of music has become a means of communication between the players of different cultures, uniting them through beautiful and all too rarely performed works. As well as combining the sounds typical of the various countries, the programme spans multiple eras.

It includes both famous and less well-known works by composers such as Karol von Mikuli, Charles-Auguste de Bériot, Paul Trapacus, Friedrich Herrmann and Myroslav Skoryk. Let yourself be carried away by the verve and elegance of 19th century France, modern English compositions that are reminiscent of film music, German romanticism and Ukrainian folklore, all presented in arrangements by famous composers.

Project coordination and introductory words in German:
Adelina Yefimenko, Professor of Historical Musicology at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich and at the M. Lysenko National Musical Academy Lviv

The three musicians Natalija Raithel, George Hlawiczka and Ivan Dukhnych met in Mumbai in India as members of the NCPI Philharmonic Orchestra and subsequently at the LvivMozArt music festival in Ukraine. They decided to set up a project for three violins – a line-up not often heard in concert halls. Their performances at the Lviv Opera were highly acclaimed and the audiences responded to the mostly unknown pieces with enthusiasm.

Natalija Raithel is a winner of international competitions, a globally successful chamber musician and playing partner of Giora Feidman as well as a teacher. George Hlawiczka appears throughout the world as solo violinist and conductor. He was concert master of the Mumbai Philharmonic Orchestra and now conducts his own London- and Brussels-based orchestra, »I Maestri«. Ivan Dukhnych studied violin and organ in Switzerland and Germany. Since 2015, he has been director of the Haliciana Schola Cantorum (Institute for Historical Performance Practice) in Lviv. Since 2017, he has also been teaching violin as well as organ as a minor subject at the M. Lysenko National Musical Academy Lviv.

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