Voices of Women in Wartime  Composer Gloria Coates, Munich – New York H. Zemann

Voices of Women in Wartime
Composer Gloria Coates, Munich – New York

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

€ 15,–; reduced € 10,– (pupils, students & members of GEDOK)

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GEDOK München e. V. is dedicating an entire evening with selected chamber music and conversation to Munich composer Gloria Coates. The internationally renowned composer has put together the concert programme herself, including solo piano pieces as well as the Cantata da Requiem »Voices of Women in Wartime«.

Gloria Coates has made a name for herself as an active intermediary between Germany and America for nearly 50 years. With her music, she made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic: The New York Times compared Coates’ symphonies to those of Shostakovich and Sibelius, with prizes and world premieres at festivals of contemporary European music underscoring her success. In 1980, she was the first woman whose orchestral music was performed in the »musica viva« series of radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk. Only last autumn, the artist was honoured with a ceremony at the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Gloria Coates is an honorary member of the artists’ association GEDOK, founded in 1926.

The GEDOK concert in Munich offers a variety of insights into the composer’s workshop and provides an opportunity of experiencing her close-up: As well as chamber music and vocal works from various phases of the her career, the evening will include a conversation with music journalist Franziska Stürz, in which the eloquent musician will talk about her work and life, which accidentally led her to her new home of Munich in 1969 following her studies in Chicago and New York. Here, she furthered the exchange of music between America and Germany with her resolute activity, organised concert series, wrote radio broadcasts, musicological articles and a multifaceted oeuvre. Her compositions cover nearly all genres, from solo literature to her 16 symphonies, from electronic to stage music.

The performance will include the »Lyric Suite« for piano trio, written in 1996, and the Piano Sonata No 2 (premiered in 2002), in which Coates examines musical quotations from the Western canon for their relationship to the Orient in a highly original fashion. Her Cantata da Requiem for soprano, piano, percussion, viola and cello from 1973 is a gripping witness to the fact that she has always been a politically thinking composer: documents of the First World War, including personal letters, poems and a nursery rhyme, as well as official news and communications, combine to form a terrifying collage of suffering.

With the Verdandi Trio, consisting of members of the Munich Philharmonic:
Ilona Cudek, violin
Elke Funk-Hoever, cello
Mirjam von Kirschten, piano

Barbara Hesse-Bachmaier, mezzo-soprano
Katharina Henke, viola
Stefan Blum, percussion
Eva Schieferstein, piano

(GEDOK München e. V.)

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