Yann Tiersen in Concert Christopher Fernandez

Yann Tiersen in Concert

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Yann Tiersen continues work on his musical homage to his native land. The composer lives on the island of Ushant (Ouessant), a wild and wayward rock off the west coast of Brittany. This stormy and wave-tossed point was long-thought to be the end of world. Here, nature and human come right up against one another. No wonder that the envoy of minimal music finds inspiration here. Life and nature enjoy a measured pace, barely changing and slowly striding onward, as reflected in his works, arcing from deepest peace to high suspense.

On his recording »Eusa« – the Breton name for Ushant – released in 2016, one can readily hear how Tiersen created an atmospheric musical map of the island, incorporating on-site field recordings with his piano compositions. Over time, this aural cosmos of the island continued to expand. Yann Tiersen’s most recently released EP »The Lost Notebook« with two songs and the album »Hent« (The Route) mark the conclusion of this opus. The short interludes comprising »Eusa« – the paths between the pieces, so to speak, each characterising a place – represent a 45-minute journey through a fantastical dream world.

Concurrently, Yann Tiersen worked on material with musician friends, compiling an acoustic band version that will be released in February on the album »All«. In the concert, two aspects will be showcased –  on solo piano and in trio formation with various instruments.

Please be advised of the following: according to child protection laws valid in Munich, children under the age of six are not admitted to the concert. Children from 6 to 13 are admitted only under supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

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