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Black Box

Currently not in use due to the renovation of the Gasteig.



240 seats (including 4 wheelchair spaces), standing room for 7 on the gallery


The Black Box was designed as a studio theatre. Its unconventional room structure and the flexible configuration of its podiums allow for a wide variety of uses.


Electronically controlled lighting is available. All common projection, sound reinforcement and recording systems can be provided.


Parliament style seating with up to 60 seats is possible; four wheelchair spaces.


The foyers adjacent to the Black Box offer generous possibilities for exhibitions and receptions.


  • 236 seats (partly fixed seating)
  • Standing space for 7 on the gallery
  • 4 wheelchair spaces


  • Stage width 6.85 m, stage depth 3.00 m
  • Central stage area 7.10 m wide, 8.45 m deep
  • Clear height 7.00 m, under the mobile flying bridge 4.70 m
  • 28 platforms, 2.12 m x 1.01 m, with softwood floor; manually adjustable, stage level up to -0.45 m, permissible load 500 kp/m²
  • One shaft hoist, height 5.96 m, line load max. 250 kp
  • 1st floor: 184 variable seats or 1–8 bistro instead of row seating with 12 bistro tables with 4 chairs each or 8 rows of cushions for 12 persons each
  • 2nd floor: 54 fixed seats and standing room for 7


  • • Approx. 40 permanently installed 1 kW Fresnel spots and 15 1 kW profile spots (ERS) in 4 horizontally adjustable lighting trusses
  • Transtechnik Focus NT or GMA light console
  • Fog machine
  • Mirror ball
  • JB A7 LED optional for coloured backlighting


  • Permanently installed sound reinforcement system (4 x Nexo PS15, 2x Nexo PS10), optionally with subwoofers. Quadrophonic sound reinforcement, e.g. for electronic music
  • Digital audio mixing console for sound reinforcement (Yamaha CL5) with up to 32 microphone channels
  • Extensive selection of high-quality microphones of all well-known brands (Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.)
  • Analogue and digital connection options for audio and video on stage and at FOH
  • Wireless microphone system: 8 channels, expandable to up to 18 reception channels
  • Connections to recording studio with Studer VistaX digital mixing console with 52 faders and 96 microphone inputs for stereo, surround and Auro3D recording. Live recordings as well as music and voice productions in studio quality. Recording on various computer systems with up to 64 tracks each (Protools12, Sequoia12)
  • Cross connections to broadcast van located at Kellerstrasse
  • Induction loop system for hearing impaired people


  • Projection booth for video and data projection
  • Video and data projector with 6500 ANSI lumen, Full HD
  • Permanently installed roll-up projection screen, 5 m x 7 m