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Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

Currently not in use due to the renovation of the Gasteig.


136 seats (including 4 wheelchair spaces)


With its auditorium-like seating, the Carl Amery Hall (formerly the library’s lecture hall) is ideal for lectures, readings and film screenings.


Located directly in front of the hall, the foyers are ideally suited for exhibitions and receptions.


  • 132 seats (fixed seating)
  • 4 wheelchair spaces


  • Permanently installed sound reinforcement system for speech and music
  • Control room: digital audio mixer with 16 microphone inputs and 8 outputs, can be remotely controlled from the auditorium
  • A mixing console with up to 32 channels can be connected in the auditorium
  • Extensive selection of high-quality microphones of all well-known brands (Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.)
  • Analogue and digital connection options for audio and video on stage, in the auditorium and in the control room
  • Wireless microphone system: 2 channels, expandable to up to 10 reception channels
  • Connections to recording studio with Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console with 24 faders and 40 microphone inputs for stereo and surround recording. Live recordings as well as music and voice productions in studio quality. Recording on computer systems with up to 32 tracks (Protools9, Sequoia12)
  • Induction loop system for hearing impaired people
  • Cinema speaker system from JBL for playback of 7.1 surround sound


  • Projection booth with two 35/16 mm film projectors
  • Permanently installed NEC 4K projector for data projection and DCP
  • Playback systems: Doremi DCP Server; BluRay, DVD, Betacam, CD
  • Permanently installed projection screen, 8.2 m x 3.45 m
  • Crestron media control system for lighting and presentation equipment (curtain, dimming, screen masking borders, lighting, remote control of playback units, etc.)