Bild zeigt Innenansicht der Philharmonie

Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

Currently not in use due to the renovation of the Gasteig.


2572 seats (including 15 wheelchair spaces and room for 170 on podium)


The Philharmonic Hall is Munich’s largest concert hall. The Munich Philharmonic and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra play here. The city’s major concert agencies also offer both classical and popular music concerts in this hall.

In addition, the Philharmonic Hall is a popular venue for annual general meetings of major companies as well as staff meetings and plenary sessions of the congresses held at the Gasteig.


The Philharmonic Hall is designed like an amphitheatre and therefore offers excellent visibility and acoustics from everywhere within the seating space. In addition to the fixed row seating, there are fifteen spaces for wheelchair users, which can be easily reached via lifts.

Stage and Equipment

The maximum size of the stage is 21.50 m x 20.30 m. Thanks to the flexible configuration of its podiums and range of point-hoist suspension fittings, it can be used in many different ways. The podium can be accessed quickly and easily from the loading zone at the back via a spacious goods lift. Electronically controlled lighting is available. Sound reinforcement, projection and recording equipment can be provided.


The foyers offer generous exhibition space on several floors and are suitable for receptions of various types and sizes.


  • 2572 seats:
  • 2387 permanently fitted seats
  • Room for 60–170 on podium
  • 15 wheelchair spaces


  • Maximum stage width: 21.50 m
  • Maximum stage depth: 20.30 m
  • Stage area 298 m² plus 36m² extension, total 334 m²
  • Clear height above the podium (depending on sail position): up to 12.50 m
  • 43 electronically continuously adjustable orchestra podiums, mobile up to +1.80 m (front podiums) or +2.30 m (rear podiums) above zero. Maximum load, stationary, 500 kp/m², moving 200 kp/m²
  • 5 tie rods and one additional cross beam, total ceiling load 5000 kp
  • Stage management console and control console for podiums and lighting in the control room at stage level left; the latter can also be used on stage with an additional, mobile control unit
  • Load circuits rated 5 kW each, permanently installed on Eberl and Schuko sockets
  • Two 125 A mains circuits for sound; two 125 A mains circuits for lighting


  • Optionally Focus NT theatre controls or GMA 2 light digital light console
  • Inventory: Movinglights Clay Paky Alpha Spot 800 QWO, Alpha Profile 800 QWO, JB lighting A12
  • Conventional lights: Fresnel 2 kW, Fresnel 1 kW, PAR lights, profile spots (ERS). Permanently installed profile spots and Fresnel spots


  • Permanently installed sound reinforcement system (line arrays) incl. subwoofer, calibrated to the hall, for the uniform supply of all audience areas in the hall
  • Portable digital audio mixing console for sound reinforcement (Soundcraft Vi6) with up to 64 microphone channels and 96 mixing console channels
  • Extensive selection of high-quality microphones of all well-known brands (Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.)
  • Analogue and digital connection options for audio and video on stage and at FOH
  • Wireless microphone system: 10 channels, expandable to up to 40 reception channels
  • Connections to recording studio with Studer VistaX digital mixing console with 52 faders and 96 microphone inputs for stereo, surround and Auro3D recording. Live recordings as well as music and voice productions in studio quality. Recording on various computer systems with up to 64 tracks each (Protools12, Sequoia12)
  • Cross connections to broadcast van located at Kellerstrasse


  • Air-conditioned projection booth with 9 kW cooling capacity for installation of mobile projection equipment
  • Projector with up to 14,000 ANSI lumens
  • Transportable screens up to 12.00 m x 8.50 m


  • Lift for two concert grand pianos
  • Goods lift (3.57 m x 1.60 m x 2.10 m)


  • Parquet flooring in the entire stage and audience area
  • Foyers: approx. 3860 m² total area, approx. 450 m² usable floor space (suitable for exhibitions)