Bild zeigt Übersichtsplan 1. Obergeschoss

Room Comparison


Philharmonic Hall: 2572 (including 15 wheelchair and room for 170 on podium)
Carl Orff Hall: 538–608 seats (including 10 wheelchair spaces)
Black Box: 240 seats (including 4 wheelchair spaces), standing room for 7 on the gallery
Small Concert Hall: 189 seats (including 3 wheelchair spaces)
Carl Amery Hall: 136 seats (including 4 wheelchair spaces)

Wheelchair Spaces

Philharmonic Hall: 15
Carl Orff Hall: 10
Black Box: 4
Small Concert Hall: 3
Carl Amery Hall: 4

Other Places

Philharmonic Hall: room for 60–170 on podium
Carl Orff Hall: –
Black Box: standing room for 7 on the gallery
Small Concert Hall: –
Carl Amery Hall: –

Event Types

Philharmonic Hall: concerts, meetings & assemblies, plenary sessions, congresses, receptions
Carl Orff Hall: chamber concerts, theatre productions, lectures, films, meetings & assemblies, congress sessions
Black Box: studio theatre productions, receptions, lectures, jazz, pop & rock concerts
Small Concert Hall: smaller concerts, classical chamber music, lectures, conferences
Carl Amery Hall: lectures, readings, film screenings, receptions