Bild zeigt Innenansicht des Kleinen Konzertsaals

Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall


189 seats (including 3 wheelchair spaces)


The Small Concert Hall has excellent acoustics, making it particularly suitable for smaller concerts.


With its 12.00 m x 5.00 m podium, it is also well suited for lectures and conference events.

Technical Equipment

All common projection, sound reinforcement and recording systems can be provided. The slightly inclined seating area offers excellent visibility and audibility throughout the hall.


There are three wheelchair spaces in the immediate vicinity of the entrance. The foyer has its own lighting, specially designed for exhibitions.


  • 186 seats (fixed seating)
  • 3 wheelchair spaces


  • Parquet podium 12.00 m wide, 5.00 m deep
  • Clear height 4.00 m


  • Lighting with 10 circuits via 16 A Schuko sockets
  • 63 A connection available


  • Permanently installed sound reinforcement system for speech and music, optionally expandable with subwoofers
  • Control room: digital audio mixer with 16 microphone inputs and 8 outputs, can be remotely controlled from the auditorium
  • A mixing console with up to 32 channels can be connected in the auditorium
  • Extensive selection of high-quality microphones of all well-known brands (Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.)
  • Analogue and digital connection options for audio and video on stage, in the auditorium and in the control room
  • Wireless microphone system: 2 channels, expandable to up to 22 reception channels
  • Connections to recording studio with Studer VistaX digital mixing console with 52 faders and 96 microphone inputs for stereo, surround and Auro3D recording. Live recordings as well as music and voice productions in studio quality. Recording on various computer systems with up to 64 tracks each (Protools12, Sequoia12)
  • Induction loop system for hearing impaired people


  • Roll-up screen, 5 m x 3.5 m usable projection surface
  • Permanently installed projector with 11,000 ANSI lumens and WUXGA resolution


  • Lighting and presentation equipment (screen, lowering projector from ceiling, signal source selection, etc.) is controlled via a Crestron media control system


  • 100 m² net foyer area (incl. Black Box foyer, suitable for exhibitions)
  • Lighting equipment in the foyer