Bistro »le copain«

Kindly note, that the bistro »le copain« is staying closed for the time being. Further information you can find here (in German language).

le copain (French: friend, pal) in its original root meaning: »The person with whom I share the bread ...«

A new gastronomical concept to the Glass Hall

On offer is crispy baked bread with tasty toppings as well as fresh French baguettes, lovingly baked by our favourite bakery. The menu also includes delicious salads, various dough based meals, fresh fruit and sweet snacks. French wines, matching the food provided, complete the offer. The »le copain« welcomes its guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner or for a casual snack. 

Fast and simple, guests can order their choice of bread with their favourite topping. The salads, too, are made to order with ingredients, toppings and dressings. Everything is open and transparent - customers can watch the staff prepare their sandwiches, salads and drinks.

The concept of the »le copain« includes a semi-service: choice, order and payment take place at the large counter. The drinks can be picked up immediately and the food is served at the tables. Quick and friendly service is key at the »le copain«.

The uniqueness of the »le copain« team is the integration of teenagers with learning disabilities or behavioural disabilities. In cooperation with various special schools in Munich, young people can gain their first work experience in the labour market.

The Bistro »le copain« is closed until further notice (up-to-date information).

le copain pain & vin

at Gasteig
Rosenheimer Straße 5
81667 München

Phone: +49 (0)89.4 80 98-2744