»Türmer München« – The Munich Vigil: The Shelter has Arrived!

»Türmer München« – The Munich Vigil: The Shelter has Arrived! Gasteig München GmbH/Frank Jäger

On 17 November, in the dark of night, a crane hoisted the Shelter for the »Türmer München« performance onto the Gasteig’s roof. Made of wood and steel and weighing six tonnes, the temporary structure will provide Munich’s Vigils with a memorable hour high above the city – twice each day for a whole year, starting on 12 December 2020.

The spectacular operation lasted from early evening until past midnight. It involved lifting three elements weighing several tonnes onto the roof of the Philharmonic Hall and positioning them there with great precision. Forty metres above street level, the three components – a six-metre long and more than two-metre high wooden cuboid and two steel frames were assembled to form a sculpture that is visible from far and wide. Designed by the French architect Benjamin Tovo, the structure forms part of »Türmer München« – Munich’s rendition of the performative Vigil art project (external link), the brainchild of internationally active choreographer Joanne Leighton and which the Gasteig is implementing together with its creator.

More than a year and a half passed between the initial feasibility study in the spring of 2019 and the installation of the Shelter. As the illuminated sculpture on the Gasteig’s roof will perform the dual role of being an exposed vantage point and a safe, sheltered space for the Vigils, detailed preliminary planning was essential. The south-west side of the Shelter is a full-length glass window that affords the Vigils a panoramic view over the city. Each day, at sunrise and sunset, a Vigil will spend an hour in the Shelter, without distraction, mobile phone, camera or clock.

»In the last year leading up to the renovation of Gasteig’s renovation and our move to our interim quarters, we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity of enjoying this amazing view from the roof of the Philharmonic Hall. For 365 days, we also want to create a place where people can pause and reflect on the city and its inhabitants,« says Gasteig Managing Director Max Wagner.

Anyone can take part in »Türmer München« performance by simply registering online at the project website. After the website went online at the end of October, all slots up to the end of April were booked out within less than 24 hours. Slots in the period of May to August 2021 can be booked from 1 March 2021.

You can watch the Shelter being lifted onto the Gasteig roof and assembled here:


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