A Playground for All: Help us Shape the Future Gasteig!

A Playground for All: Help us Shape the Future Gasteig! Experiments with new formats bring new sounds to the Gasteig, like the Munich Philharmonic’s »mphil late« with the artist FM Einheit. Tobias Hase

Merely making arts and culture available is not enough: In future, Europe’s largest arts centre wants to open up even more, for which it is counting on a host of collaborators as well as vibrant community participation. The aim: for everyone to make the Gasteig’s spaces their own, by whatever creative means.

The Gasteig wants you to join in at its new Sendling site, which is the ideal playground for trying out novel formats. The greatest successes will be be invited to come to the new Gasteig in Haidhausen after its renovation. The Gasteig family wants to make the cultural centre even more appealing for the whole of society and let all and everyone participate in the process.

Meeting new people is part of the concept. The Gasteig is open to all ©  HGEsch / gmp Architekten

Out into the neighbourhood, into the Gasteig

Forging new contacts is key to this venture’s success. Only with the involvement of local residents can we hope to see the big picture and tread new paths. The immediate area around HP8 already boasts plenty of creative potential and is the starting point for a platform for further networking.

»We don’t want to arrive from nowhere like a UFO; we want to become part of our environment. That’s why we’re looking at what’s already here and what the place still needs. We are ready to talk and look forward to a lively discourse. The Gasteig aims to be a facilitator.«
Max Wagner, Managing Director of the Gasteig

Hall E as a community platform

The foyer of Hall E is the hub at which the paths of the Gasteig’s visitors cross. It is the place for inspiration of all manner – be it over a drink, at a DJ session, speed-dating event or reading, or while perusing bookshelves or marvelling at light installations. The Gasteig wants to be a meeting place for people who would not otherwise ever get to know each other.

Active participation is the name of the game at the Gasteig © Kathrin Metzner

No such thing as too much diversity

Openness and participation are the watchwords of all the Gasteig’s institutes as they gear their programmes to the needs of an increasingly international and diverse urban society. By 2030, Munich will be home to more than 1.7 million people. Reaching as many of them as possible will become even more important. Our offerings must reach them all, regardless of social or cultural background, education, nationality, age, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual identity. The Gasteig is already well set up to meet this goal: In the spirit of diversity, the Münchner Volkshochschule adult education centre offers over 9000 courses each season for a wide range of interests and levels of proficiency. The open library in HP8 is open to the public every day from 7 AM to 11 PM, with labs available for experimentation and rehearsals as well as activity spaces. And soon there will even be a professionally equipped and staffed recording studio for amateur musicians. The services of Gasteig Motorama are aimed especially at the library’s younger clientele. The library has a project officer, whose job includes making sure that cultural diversity and participation are considered in each and every project.


Julia und Henrike sind begeistert vom Gasteig HP8 © Heike Braun

»Gasteig HP8 is special. The difference between Hall E and the Isarphilharmonie could not be greater. Munich finally has something that’s really cool. It should dare to do things like this more often.« Julia and Henrike, after their first concert in the Isarphilharmonie

Turning the spark into a fire: cultural mediation

Outreach work is one of the most important tasks of creatives: Everyone should have access to arts and culture and be able to participate in them – a major undertaking that can only be achieved through joint effort. Through its community building, cooperation and cultural mediation activities, the Gasteig strives to bring people and culture together. All Gasteig institutes already have their own outreach programmes, on which they will increasingly build in future. In the cultural education space in Gasteig HP8, both new and established collaborators alike work jointly on new projects. After the refurbishment in Haidhausen, this space will boast an impressive 9000 square metres. Different perspectives are always enriching and broaden one’s horizons.

Become part of the Gasteig community!

What is missing in the district? What needs a rethink in Munich? Have you been itching to put your ideas into practice? Are you looking for a space to try them out? The Gasteig wants to help people unfold their potential. Whether you’re an individual, an initiative, a school or a start-up – tell us who you are and what you need. We’ll then see what we can do for you at the Gasteig:

Text by Maria Zimmerer

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