An Exclusive Look Backstage! A New Podcast from the Munich Philharmonic with Malte Arkona

An Exclusive Look Backstage! A New Podcast from the Munich Philharmonic with Malte Arkona Discovers the world of music with interviews and insights: Presenter Malte Arkona, Andrea Huber

»MPhil mit Malte« is the name of this new series of podcasts from the Munich Philharmonic. Presenter Malte Arkona conducts stimulating conversations with members of the orchestra and takes listeners behind the scenes. It’s worth listening in, e.g. via Spotify or SoundCloud.

How do conductors communicate their intentions? How many strings on a harp? Why should there not be applause between movements? »The more you know about classical music, the more you can enjoy it«, says Malte Arkona. For him, no question is out of place. In the Gasteig, Malte Arkona has been seen on numerous occasions with the Munich Philharmonic as presenter of young people’s concerts and as narrator. This time, the presenter, who, by the way, grew up in Haidhausen, will take anyone who is curious enough behind the scenes of the orchestra.


Each episode of the new podcast series »MPhil mit Malte« is devoted to a particular theme. In conversation with members of the Munich Philharmonic, Malte Arkona goes on a search for answers to a host of questions. For example, did you know that stringed instruments need to be made fit for winter? Or what benefits the role of concertmaster holds? The first podcast holds a few surprises, with interesting personal accounts from the orchestra’s string players. Malte Arkona meets the Associate concertmaster and violinist Odette Couch as well as the cellist Manuel von der Nahmer. After all, it’s often said that string players rarely come alone. Of course, there is beautiful music as well!

You can listen to the new »MPhil mit Malte« podcast free of charge via all available podcast programs or apps, e.g. at Spotify or SoundCloud using the hashtag #spielfeldklassik.

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