Art in Times of Crisis. How are Creatives Coping with Lockdown? ep 2

Art in Times of Crisis. How are Creatives Coping with Lockdown? ep 2 Munich comic artist Barbara Yelin and her illustration of »Sehnsucht« (yearning) Portrait: Martn Friedrich

The first moments live on stage after months of lockdown will likely be unforgettable and felt intensely. Exactly when this will happen remains to be seen. Despite the enforced pause, we remain in close contact with many creatives and want to hear their concerns, especially in view of the lockdown. Here, they talk about their current situation, hopes and plans.

»I’ve had a good night’s sleep, a few hours to draw in my studio, and the great fortune of not having to worry about my livelihood right now. Mug of coffee in hand, it’s a good day – not something you can take for granted these days.«

These days, graphic novelist Barbara Yelin is consciously savouring those little moments that recharge her energy. As for so many people, the pandemic has turned the Munich artist’s life into an intense experience, juggling art and childcare, studio time and home life. As if that wasn’t enough, Barbara Yelin also takes care of the Munich City Library’s »Comic Bar«, which will be shown on the library’s YouTube channel during the lockdown.

Barbara Yelin, born and bred in Munich, what’s your connection to the Gasteig?
I came here as a pupil in the 1980s to borrow art and comic books from the library that were not available anywhere else, and to listen to concerts at the Philharmonic Hall. Now I curate and host the »Comic Bar« – a format I am grateful for, as it allows me to invite international graphic artists to the Gasteig and demonstrate their great and very much relevant work in both image and words in this important, open-for-all location.

After so many months of restrictions, do you find yourself longing for certain things?
For the sea, for people, contents, unrestrained laughter.

What are your plans for the future?
Creating graphic novels. Awakening a passion for graphic novels in others. Exploring and broaching even more issues through the medium of drawing; taking risks. Taking breaks.

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Bild zeigt Veronika Schulz am Hackbrett
Veronika Schulz at the Hackbrettfest / hammered dulcimer festival in the Gasteig © David-Pierce Brill

»I terribly miss those performance moments!«

Veronika Schulz studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich and will graduate this summer with a bachelor’s in folk music and hammered dulcimer. Much of her tuition takes place in the Gasteig.

What are you missing these days?
Although the busy concert schedule in the past few years has been stressful at times, I immensely miss those special moments on stage. I long to perform live again and experience firsthand the audience’s responses. I also miss crowds. I’m lucky enough to live in a larger family, so I was never lonely during lockdown. But I am used to having a lot of people around me and being out and about. I hope that soon we will be able to go out and party again, to meet larger groups of friends, to play concerts and so on.

Do you have plans for the future?
I will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree this coming summer semester. After that, I’d like to go more into music teaching, and perhaps do a master’s, but who knows …

Further voices from the lockdown
Text/interview: Maria Zimmerer

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